Nonsense on the Blogosphere

So here I am, done with week seven of my first semester of art school, and rather than catch up on sleep (and this will be a recurring theme), I decided to join the blogosphere. I am not even going to comment on the word itself… blogosphere… I can’t type it without shaking my head in old-lady-like disbelief at the newfangled interwebs and all of its c-r-a-z-y technological bells and whistles (some of them – dare I say, many of them? – entirely superfluous to daily existence).

Regardless, here I am.

So with my general eyebrow-raised disdain for the technological, why am I blogging?

Well, first and foremost, my teacher told me too. One of my six classes this term is a digital portfolio class. It’s admittedly pretty sweet. From photoshop and illustrator to animation to building a website – over the course of the year, we’re covering all of it. Matthew, the prof, has also delved into the wide and wild world of self-promotion via the internet and recently touched upon blogs. Admittedly it’s about time. Ideally I’ll eventually be getting illustration jobs, so it’s time to start getting sketches and things up and floating around for people to see.

Likewise, I have been holed up in the studio these past weeks… often working six out of seven days each week and staying until almost midnight. First there was the occasional phone call, “Hey haven’t heard from you in a while. How’s it going?” Then the facebook wall posts, “Hope art school is good. It’s been forever.” Which were followed up with text messages, “Where are you? Are you dead?” When the “are you still alive?” messages start rolling in, it’s probably time to do something.

Like call Mom and Dad? Yes, yes, I will. Tomorrow, I swear. But for now, I’m putting up my little bloggy site with plans to post updates about the whole art school thing, not to mention sketches, projects, doodles, non sequitors and other random bits of whatnot. At any given moment, the MFA faculty has us working on half a dozen separate projects, so I promise you there will be pretty pictures. Not to mention some completely craptastic art. It’s a pretty good mix, especially since I’m having an art-school induced style-crisis. (More on that later.) Regardless, I’ll post some of the crap for posterity.

But dear children, I am finally reaching my capacity for coherence. The hour grows late, and I, as mentioned before, am a sleep-deprived graduate student. As such, I seem to have no quips or witty remarks to leave you with, so I shall sign off with a little taste - just one of the many bits of what I've been up to thus far - of art school and aparticularly excellent gem from the fabulous and fantastic Willy Wonka.

A little nonsense, now and then, is relished by the wisest man.