Forward in 2013

Heya blog readers,

I realize that it's been a while since I've posted any of the freelance work for the Forward's column, InsideOut.

There have been some excellent articles by the prolific, Judy Brown, in recent months. Some of them are tough reads but absolutely worth it. Judy covers it all, from larger themes about body image and fear and the pressure to bear children to the more personal childhood fear of dogs, buying bras, and the devastation of miscarriages.

It's been extremely satisfying to work on a series where every illustration is entirely different. Each month is a new challenge; sometimes the images are more narrative and others more editorial.

You can check out the most recent articles here:

From February: An Old Dog's New Tricks
From March: Cracks in a Holy Vessel
     (The March article sparked a heated debate, and Judy issued a response here.)
And from April: Are You There Hashem? It's Me, Judy.

I'm currently working on the illustration for May's article, which is going to print after Memorial Day.

Tying the Knot

Hey there blog readers,

So, I haven't been talking about it much because it's still a ways off. And truthfully, every now and then, life gets crazy, and you (and by you, I do mean I) forget that there are awesome things coming up... like less than 6 months, coming up...

But then I start thinking and grinning, because I remember that there were balloons.

And it occurs to me that this fall,