New art!

Apologies my dear blog readers. I have been three weeks silent... but let me tell you, they've been a busy three weeks. Most of my time has been spent at my drawing table and only on the computer to do the cursory e-mail check and to hit play on the day's chosen playlist or podcast, so all e-whatnot has come to a screeching halt. However, in the hours that I've spent not on the computer, I finished putting together a total of five dummies and four new paintings. Chock full and all around exciting, but admittedly exhausting.

But this is a short update, as there is another painting waiting for me on the drawing table. In the meantime, however, I thought I'd give you a sneaky peek at one of the new ones.

From the balloon book (as of yet, untitled):

Subway doodle

I had to go up to the upper East this morning - I know, it may as well have been another country. As such, I found myself with more time than usual on the subway. A handful of sketchy notes and this fellow were the product of my ride.

Dummy Number 3

Halloo dear blog readers,

The past month has whooshed by with loads of drawing; during the past three weeks, I've put together three book dummies. One of my favorite parts about working on a book is really getting to know the characters. As you draw the character over and over, you begin to have a sense of how she/he moves, reacts, and expresses her/himself visually. I love feeling that each of the characters is a solid, three-dimensional (so to speak) person in the two-dimensional world that exists between the covers of a book.

This week, I was finishing the book dummy that goes with the art I posted a number weeks ago back in January. So you've already seen a couple of the finishes, but here are some of the sketch pages that I've been working on this week for dummy numero tres.

Which makes three down and perhaps two to go...