Naughty Cookies

Halloo there loyal blog readers,

February always seems to disappear. Yes, I know it's shorter than all of the other months, but only by a few days. And yet, somehow, it always seems to zip by me. (March, on the other hand, lasts forever.)

This year, February sped by faster than usual; it was entirely swallowed up by life and work things, and all of my plans got lost in the shuffle... including a wry, tongue-in-cheek, illustrated Valentine's Day post. Alas, instead of illustrated or wry or tongue-in-cheek, this year you're just getting cheeky.

In addition to a hand-illustrated something, Valentine's Day cookies have become an annual tradition for me. I always make an assortment of very silly, rather naughty treats. However, even the cookies were late this year, and so this blog post is a little less than timely. Regardless, enjoy:

The full assortment



Stars and bows

 And don't forget the duckies

Sketchbook Thursday

Hey there blog readers.

It's been a while since I've done a sketchbook post, and it just so happens to be a lovely Thursday... so why not?

I've been playing around with a new manuscript, and as of Tuesday night, I have just finished my first thumbnail dummy and started character designs. While I like the images, the pacing, the compositions, and the page turns in the dummy, the manuscript (I am quickly realizing) needs a major overhaul. That being said, (as I dutifully open Word,) I'm still having a ton of good old fashioned sketchbook fun with a handful of new characters... and yes, one of them is an 8 ft tall alligator. Well... 8 ft tall when he doesn't slouch.

His name is Randall.


Tu BiShevat

Hey there blog readers,

I recently did an illustration for a Jewish children's magazine about Tu B'Shevat. Tu B'Shevat marks the beginning of spring in Israel, and the New Year for trees; more or less, it's the Jewish equivalent of Arbor Day.

Usually around this time of year, New York is quite chilly, and we planned a playful winter illustration about the holiday. Trees feature prominently in the background, and the snowman's basket contains all kinds of traditional foods - barley, wheat, grapes, pomegranates, olives, dates, and figs. 

Another Tu B'Shevat tradition includes planting trees, or if you live in a usually cold (though-currently-unseasonably-warm) place, donating to orgs that plant trees elsewhere.

Jewish National Fund
Arbor Day Foundation

Paper cranes

I've been back from visiting my sister for not quite a week yet, and it's already been a bit of a rocky homecoming. Two days after I arrived, I received some incredibly sad news. A college friend had passed away.

I have been struggling with how to process it. Between the cancer diagnosis late last year, her death earlier this week, and the funeral yesterday in D.C., I feel all wrung out. Words fail me as I try to write this.

She was an extraordinary person bent on saving the planet and helping anyone and everyone. She had a smile that could light up a room, and today the world is just a little bit darker.

Kirby Capen