Naughty Cookies

Halloo there loyal blog readers,

February always seems to disappear. Yes, I know it's shorter than all of the other months, but only by a few days. And yet, somehow, it always seems to zip by me. (March, on the other hand, lasts forever.)

This year, February sped by faster than usual; it was entirely swallowed up by life and work things, and all of my plans got lost in the shuffle... including a wry, tongue-in-cheek, illustrated Valentine's Day post. Alas, instead of illustrated or wry or tongue-in-cheek, this year you're just getting cheeky.

In addition to a hand-illustrated something, Valentine's Day cookies have become an annual tradition for me. I always make an assortment of very silly, rather naughty treats. However, even the cookies were late this year, and so this blog post is a little less than timely. Regardless, enjoy:

The full assortment



Stars and bows

 And don't forget the duckies


JellyBeans said...

Hurray for Tradition! Love your cookies!

Dina said...

Fun and tasty!!!!

Amanda said...

Those duckies were fabulous. :)

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