Up, up, and away

Hey there blog readers!

Today I'm headed out of Brooklyn, off into the wild blue yonder. My very talented, lovely sister is currently an art conservator at the Mauritshuis, and I'm off to pay her a long overdue visit.

And what better time than to post a recently-finished piece... it seems thematically appropriate, somehow. This piece is from a personal project I started a few weeks ago, and this particular painting is actually the third in the series. I have the other two images all sketched out and ready to paint, but I tackled this one first because it was my favorite. (More posts about the project when I return.)

Up, up, and away!

Next post from the Netherlands!


New Years resolutions stress me out. I just don't like them. Whether it was trying to get organized, exercising more, or eliminating m&ms from my diet, January's well-intentioned resolution often became December's guilt trip. Rather than continuing to fall into an inevitable cycle of December angst, I decided not to make any more annual resolutions.

While I have stuck to my resolution against making resolutions, I do, however, think it's valuable to have goals and high hopes. So this year, I made a list of hopes for 2012. Rather than pressuring myself to be someone I'm not or do something that will make my stomach lurch with guilt come December, I did a little journal doodle about angst-free things for the new year.

And I can say with certainty that the year is looking like a happy and hope-filled one.

Auspicious beginnings

Happy New Year blogville!

I hope everyone had lovely celebrations. I rang in 2012 in Brooklyn with champagne, fireworks, and some of the folks I care for most in this world. I have a good feeling about this one... good things ahead.

Taken in Prospect Park at midnight.

In the meantime, I just wanted to share the view outside my studio window on this lovely, chilly evening.