Cards: Hearts

Halloo all!

Last week, most of my masterpieces happened in the kitchen rather than on the drawing table. I did, however, have some time to get the third suit done for N's deck of cards. Hearts!

As with the diamond number cards, I already had a series of easy templates, so I quickly subbed the hearts for diamonds.

Again, I moved onto the Ace next, using both the Spade and Diamond motifs...

Next I tackled my Jack, who I imagined as rather proud, like Sparrow Jack, though a bit more mischievous.

I imagined the Queen to be a rather self-satisfied royal lady, and I modeled her with a series of decorative elements, like the Foxy Queen.

And finally the King, who like his Lady Hare would also be rather self-satisfied.

And last but not least, packaging and printing cards -

Thought Bubbles

Hey there blog readers,

As part of my recent letter-project to N, this week I sent a normal sort of letter, but on thoughtful sorts of paper.

I had a silly idea, playing on the idea of "thought bubbles".

I packaged all of my Thought Bubbles in a little square envelope:
I wrote the letter itself on the backs of seven different bubbles... and I added a bunch of fishes for good measure.

Here are a few of the individual bubbles -

Sketchbook Thursday

Halloo dear blog-readers!

I've been working on a project recently that has necessitated sketching all kinds of fowl. Chickens and turkeys and geese oh my! Considering the season, it seems rather timely, so I'll share a bunch of my sketches. Stay posted for the finished illustration in the next few weeks.

Fowl prep work -


Chickens, chicks, hens, and roosters



A wee thumbnail -

And the final sketch -

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Culinary masterpieces

Today was a rather busy work day. However, most of what I created was made in the kitchen. - chickpea and artichoke salad, heaps of pumpkin muffins, and salted caramel apple pie.

My kitchen smells incredible right now.

Sketchbook Thursday

Hey there all!

Another Thursday, another sketchbook drop. Here's a bunch of this week's pickins.

A Coco-ish gal and a couple more chickens...

Henny (an old lady character from a new story) and oh yeah, another chicken...

Goofing around with text and such...

Emilou and Papa Fox - a couple of characters I've been playing with...


Cards: Diamonds

Halloo all!

I've been hard at work on the other suits for my deck of cards. First, I spent a while just brainstorming for the additional three suits. I hadn't really thought about the others when I settled on sparrows for the spade cards. So I did some doodling and a handful of sketches and finally decided that I didn't want to draw birds for every suit. Instead I settled on two sets of birds and two sets of mammals. I've been doodling foxes in my sketchbook for a while now, so I thought, why not a foxy royal family?

This time around, I did all of the number cards first. I already had quick templates, so it was easy to sub in diamonds and flip around the colors.

Once I was done with the number cards, I moved on to the Ace, using the design for the Ace of Spades as a jumping off point.

Followed quickly by my Jack, who I imagined to be a wily, mischievous sort of character.

The Queen was a wistful, almost sad, lady fox.

And finally, the King, a concerned and regal sort of royal.

This time I also took a handful of photos of the actual printed cards -

I packaged them in a handy little case.

And finally, the full suit.