Cards: Spades

Halloo all!

As part of my mail-project to N, I decided to start designing a deck of cards. I've always wanted to make a set, and it's a nice finite sort of project. For my deck, I decided that I wanted to play with the royal cards, and give each suit a different animal. I had been doing quite a few sketches and doodles of birds for an earlier project and arbitrarily assigned them to the spades.

The first thing I did was design the Ace. I needed to get a feel for the overall shape of the suit elements. Was the spade itself rounded, pointy, wide, skinny, elongated...?

After the ace, I did a bunch of the numbers just to play with layout.

And finally, it was time for the fun part, the royal cards -

The Jack, who I imagined to be a self-important, plump little bird.

The Queen, a regal but distant sort of lady bird.

The King, somewhat aloof and irritated, most often by his Jack.

Once I had all of the cards in the suit done, I had a basic sense of the color palette and the overall shapes and feel of the characters, and I was ready to design the back of my deck.

Stay tuned, dear readers. Next week, diamonds!


Nicole S. said...

They look even more AMAZING in person. I can't decide whether to play with them or build them a shrine.

Lisa Anchin said...

Thanks chica! =)

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