Chickens... again

Hey folks,

I've been working on a handful of new pieces. A while back I posted a painting with a whoooole bunchlet's say a coopfulof chickens. You can't tell in these particular sketches, but I've been drawing (and painting) chickens again. I like to work on the images even as I'm still playing with text (this story is still in the works), so I started doodling and sketching a few new characters based around that very first painting.

Prep sketches from my sketchbook:


Stay tuned for the finished painting...


Good morning!

Tea anyone?

Character Development

Hey there blog readers,

I've been working on some character designs for a new story. I know I frequently say this, but seriously, this is the best part of the process. Character development is one of the earliest (and most fun!) parts of my process, during which I get to experiment and create the initial visual designs. It's a lot like a kid playing dress up, but instead of costumes, I'm trying different faces and bodies on all of the various characters in the story. I usually have a vague idea about the main character when I start writing, but there are always supporting characters that require hours of quiet doodling.

This first sketch was one of my initial concept designs, but it's followed by a number of new sketches.

Until next time!