Character Development

Hey there blog readers,

I've been working on some character designs for a new story. I know I frequently say this, but seriously, this is the best part of the process. Character development is one of the earliest (and most fun!) parts of my process, during which I get to experiment and create the initial visual designs. It's a lot like a kid playing dress up, but instead of costumes, I'm trying different faces and bodies on all of the various characters in the story. I usually have a vague idea about the main character when I start writing, but there are always supporting characters that require hours of quiet doodling.

This first sketch was one of my initial concept designs, but it's followed by a number of new sketches.

Until next time!


Brooke Boynton Hughes said...

Hooray!!!! These are so great, Lisa!!

Spaceman Spiff said...

Exciting,,,What fun ,cannot wait to see were this is going.AND who they are:)

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