Dummy Number 3

Halloo dear blog readers,

The past month has whooshed by with loads of drawing; during the past three weeks, I've put together three book dummies. One of my favorite parts about working on a book is really getting to know the characters. As you draw the character over and over, you begin to have a sense of how she/he moves, reacts, and expresses her/himself visually. I love feeling that each of the characters is a solid, three-dimensional (so to speak) person in the two-dimensional world that exists between the covers of a book.

This week, I was finishing the book dummy that goes with the art I posted a number weeks ago back in January. So you've already seen a couple of the finishes, but here are some of the sketch pages that I've been working on this week for dummy numero tres.

Which makes three down and perhaps two to go...


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The drawings are wonderful, the perspective adds to the story. Simply great!

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