More Secrets! New Website Design!

Hello lovely people!

So following last week's super secret project, it's been back to work on the book project. I finished-ish a new spread for the book... as in the majority of the painting is done, so now I hang it on my studio wall, stare at it for a couple of days/nights/weeks and try to figure out what's wrong/what it needs until my eyes go crossed and buggy and I either smoosh some more paint on it, or with a sigh of resignation, add it to the ever-growing pile of mostly-finished spreads. I also figured out a sketch that I am semi-content with for one of the two remaining spreads. That being said, I will probably sketch another bucket full of thumbnails, throw them all out, but perhaps, perchance, just maaaaybe come up with one I like better. We shall see... so the book project is wrapping up, albeit rather slowly.

But in other news, I am giving my website a major-for-serious-redo-everything sort of overhaul. The design of my current website is severely lacking, so at the end of last term, I had come up with a new idea that I started to implement. I tried to work further on it, but eventually decided that I was just getting waaaay waaaaaaay too complicated... and in true Lisa fashion, I scrapped the whole thing, including, quite sadly the little owl lamp (see "Sneak Preview" post for the animation) and the following teacup -

and just because I love it... the owl lamp again...


But! But! I sat at my drawing table all week and once again after scrapping sixteen and a half different ideas, did a redesign for the whole site that I think will eventually be pretty sweet. I've spent most of the week working on it.

And thus I give you... sneak preview!

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Monkey said...

Love it! Can't wait for your big debut!

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