Side projects... and a kitten!

Happy Monday everyone!

This is more of a crafty post than an illustration sort of entry, but I do think it will be worth it. So if you think you can handle it, read on for overwhelming cuteness.

It has been quite a busy weekend... one spent, for the most part, squeeee-ing over a tiny, fuzzy, handful of kitten. On Friday, I adopted a kitten that a friend found on a walk around her neighborhood. After the kitten crawled out of the bushes, she brought him over to the vet, who, following a week of check-ups, gave him a clean bill of health. I went out to Long Island to meet him on Friday and just couldn't say no. With a face like this

how could I?!

I was out visiting my folks for my dad's birthday this weekend, so the kitten ended up hanging out with the whole family. He is super friendly and just wanted to be around people all day, so with a bit of tucking here-and-there I engineered a makeshift kangaroo pouch out of a belt and an apron. It left me free for frosting-making and birthday-cake assembly.

Later, when it came time to head back to Brooklyn, I realized that the little kitten had grown accustomed to sleeping on carpet and couches. My apartment has one rather uncomfortable, heinous love seat and no carpet at all, so I thought it might be nice for him to have somewhere comfy to catnap... when he's not sleeping in my lap, that is...

Anywho, if you can tear your eyes from the extreme cuteness above, there is actually a photo of the craft project just below. Using a discarded cardboard box, a bag of old fabric scraps, some polyfill, and a bunch of hot glue and duct tape, I engineered a makeshift bed for the little bear.

A little lumpy, but he seemed to think it was pretty swell.


Monkey said...

OMG so cute! And so crafty!

Dina said...

kittty kitttty kittty kittttty

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