Book Show: Hanging to Opening

Hey there folks!

Many thanks to everyone who came out for the opening reception of the Book Show. It was a marvelous evening filled with lovely people and fantastic artwork. Half of the show has already come down; my book comes down on Monday. Things are wrapping up, and as usual, photos from the last couple of weeks are long overdue.

Hanging day was super exciting. As a class, we've been watching the books grow from a tiny nugget of an idea. It was amazing to finally see all of the work finished and framed and the books printed and bound.

Decisions, decisions...

Placing and measuring...

Watching things start to go up...

Could it be a show?

It's up!

The book:

Opening reception...

Thanks again to everyone for coming out.

For those of you in the NY area who still want to catch a bit of the show, you can still do so this weekend. The gallery is located in SVA's main building at 209 E 23rd Street. And for those of you who expressed interest, I'll be selling full and half size prints of all of the spreads in the book. Drop me a line for sizes and prices.


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