The Family Anchin

Halloo dear blog-readers.

I haven't ever posted anything about my family, but I come from a home of absurd and absurdly talented folks. I've always said that before dropping everything and going to art school, I never really thought about making art and illustration a career. That being said, when looking at the sorts of things my parents make, I can't help but feeling rather dense (in a how-could-I-not-consider-making-art sort of way). My folks are both teachers, and though they don't currently do art professionally, they are both exceptionally talented. One of these days, I'll post some actual samples of their work, not to mention my sister's work. Dina is talented, on a level that exceeds jaw-dropping.

For the moment however...

Yesterday my folks came into the city for an impromptu early dinner. We had fun with the brown paper on the table. And so I shall leave you with a few of our table doodles:

Landscape by Papa Anchin

Froggy by Mama Anchin
(My mom has been drawing this one for as long as I can remember... I have
postcards and notes dating back to the 80s with this little frog drawn on them.)

A Boy and His Chicken by Mama Anchin

A Girl and her Fish by Yours Truly
(In response to A Boy and His Chicken)


Tina said...

Frog said, "Quack," but what did the chicken and the fish say?

Spaceman Spiff said...

Love the family drawings. The balloon painting and girls-a treat to look at, the angles and color wonderful! "Up,up ans away..."
spaceman spiff

Cynthia said...

Wow, I had no idea Dina was such a talented artist. Your parents must be sooo proud.

Dina said...

Chicken said "Meow!" and the fish said "I think your all just a bunch of nuts!"

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