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So in addition to the usual sorts of art-working things, I've been doing a bunch of crafty things - birthday related projects, in fact. I made a certain someone with a new job a "cube" decorating kit. When you work amongst a sea of cubicles, you need some fun stuff for your desk.

In addition to photos, a mug, tea, snacks, and random toys, I also personalized a couple of notebooks. I hate being a brand snob, but I love my Moleskines... love love love. Other than something handmade, they make my fave notebooks ever. If I'd had a bit more time, I probably would have hand bound something... but for lack of free time (in light of recent publishing internship), I bought a couple of moleskines and proceeded to personalize them. It's always helpful to have somewhere to organize your thoughts, soooo...

Work Thoughts:

and Creative Thoughts

In addition to thought-organizing and all of the other stuff I mentioned, it's also nice to have a little work buddy...

As of yet unnamed -

I've actually gotten a lot of good responses from my teeny weeny goldfish bowl, so I may be making more of them. (Hard to tell scale here, but it's made in a votive holder.)

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