Double Self-Portrait

So this post requires a bit of pictorial explanation before I post the actual piece.

For those of you who I haven't seen in recent days, while I was out in Minneapolis visiting a friend, I chopped off all of my hair. (Do not despair, I donated it.)


I had a particularly inspired working day the other morning...
and yes, I work better in a silly hat

Gratuitous cat photo.

So pre-haircut, I had started a self-portrait project for a contest. The contest is being run by Tony DiTerlizzi's facebook fan page. The title is "Re-imagine Yourself", and the goal is to create a portrait of yourself within one of the many DiTerlizzi stories. There was no end to the possibilities, and the brainstorming itself was incredibly fun; I almost had too many choices.

In any case, I finally settled on a self-portrait as an imaginary monster in Tony's hilarious and ridiculous alphabet book, "G is for One Gzonk", using my crazy ginormous hair as a jumping off point. I created a monster not only entirely engulfed by the crazy ocean of red, but also whose hair becomes a character itself, creeping about and nabbing odds and ends and even other creatures from the original book.

But then I cut all of my hair off.

So I went back to the portrait, did a little revision, and voila double self-portrait, pre- and post-new-do.

The Rumprunkus
Double Self-Portrait
in the style of Tony DiTerlizzi's
"G is for One Gzonk: An Alpha-Number-Bet Book"

The rhyme in it's entirety:
The Rare and Red Rumprunkus
Is barely visible, you see.
Covered with a vibrant mane,
Her hair's as wild as can be.

That monstrous RED hides many things -
It hides baubles, bits, and bangles.
Even ribbons, rocks, and riches
Are caught up among the tangles.

But beware the creeping tendrils,
As they slither through the air.
With a strange life of their own,
They might drag you under there.


mr. pants said...


Silverman said...

I always knew your hair would take over the world!

Dina said...

Totally fantastic!

Spaceman Spiff said...

This is outstanding,wonderful ! Now I know why the birds & squirrels in the neighborhood are upset that you moved;you took their home with you:)

Benjamin Kalish said...

The hair cut is super cute and the illustration and poem are fantastic!

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