Morning blog-readers,
It's just about 6:30 on the west coast, and I'm about ready to head off to Century City for a weekend of workshops, key-notes, doodles, intensives, illustration fun, writers, editors, and a crazy, amazing, positively stupendous herd of picture book folks running around the Century Plaza. And I just might be ready. (I might also be carrying twenty pounds worth of postcards, promotional pieces, portfolios, business cards, and book dummies with me all day, but that's another story...)

But back to the business at hand... Conference! And illustration! I'm hoping to find a wee bit of time to post throughout the weekend, but to give you an idea of the schedule, today I'm going from 8-8:30 - and I do mean 8am until 8:30pm. Whew. 

But if I don't, I did want to leave you with a piece of art before the rush begins.

I finished this piece not long before I left NY... 


mr. pants said...

Great piece, LIsa! Good luck at the conference, and have a good time :)

Cynthia said...


JellyBeans said...

That is a lot of elephants for one frame...I like it!

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