SCBWI Conference Doodles

Hey there folks,

As promised - conference doodles! 

Conference weekends are some of the most inspiring of the year. Hearing from illustration greats is a creative jolt, and I often come away with a sketchbook full of doodles and ideas. This year's winter conference was no exception, even leaving me with a spark of inspiration for a new manuscript.

Over the course of the weekend, this grumpy little girl showed up a couple of times.

And later with a friend.

I had actually come down with a cold just before the conference, so the weekend was a wee bit rough on my system. Not to mention, I was waking before 7am each morning and getting home after midnight each night. As you might imagine, by the third day of the conference, despite all of the creative energy buzzing around the room, I was ready for a nap or, at the very least, an early night. (Which didn't happen... I think we got home "early" on Sunday - around 10:30.) Most of my doodles from the day were "wishful thinking" drawings...


In fact, I could use a nap now...

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Brooke Boynton Hughes said...

I LOVE the "no more milkshakes" sketch! And that sleepy little fella with his feet on the pillow is fantastic! So fun to see your sketches!

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