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I was invited to do a process post over at the KidLit Artists blog and thought I'd also share it here and show you more of the painted progression.

I think best with a pencil in hand, and my process begins with doodling. I actually get to know my characters through the sketching itself. Eventually I get hooked on an idea or image, and I draw it over and over again. In this series, what started as a single character became three, penguins eventually turned into puffins, and a narrative began to emerge.

Once I've found an image that I like, I do an extremely loose transfer on a light box. And by loose, I do mean only a handful of lines.

 I then redraw the sketch entirely, fleshing it out and adding details.

Next, I do a quick value study and an even quicker color study, filling the large areas in photoshop. I've recently added this step to my process and have found it extremely helpful; it ultimately makes the painting much easier.

At this point, if it's a piece that requires large washes, I stretch my paper and staple it to a waterproof board. For a small spot illustration like this one, I just tape it to a small cutting mat. I use Holbein Acryla Gouache and these lovely little brushes from Princeton Artist Brush Co. 

And then I paint, usually starting with skin tones,

slowly moving on to small details,

and then to larger areas,

 continually adding detail...

Until I've finished.


Spaceman Spiff said...

WONDERFUL!To see the process and be able to click on each, one by one, as the details fill in.And what takes hours we can watch what seems to magically go from step to step,and see the finished illustration. A real treat for your viewers,your effort for presentation is most appreciated.The story line and final illustration is a gem.

Lauren said...

I love process photos... great work & great post! Thanks!

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