Teeny Tiny Book

It has been a busy September.

So busy in fact, that I completely and entirely forgot to post this. Whoops. But on with the post...

I must confess that when I'm traveling I have a terrible habit of not drawing. I do use my sketchbook for the usual silly characters and story ideas, but somehow, I rarely break out my pencils to draw on location. Without fail, after each trip/vacation/visit, I lament the lack of a hand-drawn visual record of the time. I vowed that my recent trip to Seattle would be different, and I knew that spending the time with two other illustrators would be an ideal way to do some serious city drawing.

Jessixa, Brooke, and I certainly made time for drawing, but sometimes it's all about the materials and the format you're working in. While we were exploring downtown Seattle, I bought a teeny tiny accordion-bound sketchbook. It was perfect... not too precious and just right for rambling, exploratory drawing.

I used it to draw all over the city--exploring Pike Place Market, picnicking, drinking tea, drawing chez les Bagleys, watching roller derby, lunching, touring the underground tunnels of Seattle... the list goes on. The accordion format let me to play with each page individually but also allowed for a fluid transition between images. This teeny tiny book turned out to be the perfect souvenir.     

 I actually fell in love with the fluidity of the accordion format and have already started playing with a new one for a future project.


Spaceman Spiff said...

Love the idea, and it looks fantastic...Filled with your visual memories AND a wonderful fluid new set of your beautiful drawings...bravo for "working on your vacation" :)

Dina said...

This is awesomeness! To be more eloquent: such a fun and thoughtful treasure!

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