Wedding Whatnots - Invitations!

Halloo folks,

Seeing as tomorrow marks my six monthiversary, I figured it was time for a long overdue wedding post.

Those of you who've been reading the blog for a while know that I got married last October. There were a few sneaky peeks of some of the bits of illustration and art I did before (and for) the wedding, but today you get to see how all of it came together. (Well, almost all of it... stay tuned for a post positively blooming with paper flowers.)

Wedding invitation suite!

We're not very serious people, so our invitations had to be silly and entirely fun.

It was an entirely DIY endeavor. Ez and I printed, assembled, taped, stamped, and hand embossed each piece.

You have a wee sneak peak of some of the flowers here and only one of the wee mini-pins we made. Our amazing photographer, Seth Kaye, did a fun photo featuring the rest of them, though:

The whole project was so much fun. Because we were getting married at the Eric Carle museum, I hid a few little sneaky (kids-book-nerdy) details throughout.

And the Save the Date postcards. I designed these well before I started work on the invitations. I used them as a guide to inform the entire invitation suite. 

And programs. We had A LOT of people to thank.

Hope you had as much fun looking as I did making them. And stay tuned. Next up, paper flowers!

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Christine Brallier said...

Love!! So creative and fun.

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