The Great Book Seminar Saga Part The Last: Storytime with Viktor

The Great Book Seminar Saga
Part The Last

... in which Viktor has some wine, and we conclude...

Well kids, it's that time. Time to wrap up the Book Seminar saga. It has been quite some time since I last posted on the seminar, in part due to finals madness and likewise because I didn't want to ruin the surprise of the final product. But it's done. I know... crazy. I can scarcely believe it myself... I'm still shaking my head in disbelief. Disbelief that my first semester of art school is nearly over... disbelief that we had our last class with Viktor (sniff)... and disbelief that I actually finished the project. It was looking doubtful there for a while.

But let me share!

The project actually came together last week. I ended up rendering some images that Viktor wasn't initially crazy about, but which came out pretty well. I also ended up (with some advice from our resident type-design guru... thanks Erin!) designing the book layout and not just printing out the spreads but binding them (thank you interwebs).

And without further ado, the book!

During the whole process, my studio wall exploded... there are literally five or six layers of sketches and scrap paper and test paintings...

Binding... I had never actually bound a book by myself before, so I googled some help from the trusty interwebs.



First spread:

Interior spreads with new art:

My favorite spread (old art):

And second favorite spread:

The End!

And finally I brought it to class. For our last class with Viktor, a bunch of us thought it would be spiffy to bring a few bottles of wine. When we got to class, we all hung our final work up on the wall, and class turned into a bit of a wine and art, almost art-opening sort of affair. Twas lovely. And after popping the bottles, shmoozing, and walking around and looking at all of the amazing art everyone had hung, we settled down for our final critique.

Storytime with Viktor:

Viktor was quite complimentary.

"... excellent..."

Which brings us to the saga's conclusion. So ends the book seminar, so ends class with Viktor, and so ends (nearly) the semester. But don't think that the crazy art whatnot end here. Oh no. The seminar project was only practice for our big second semester book project (essentially a mini- thesis). I daresay we're in for a whole new adventure... so stay tuned for further artness, a few more posts about winding up the semester, and all new art next term!


Natalie said...

The book looks awesome! I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing I could see it, up close!

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Tina said...

Oh darn! Two people have already used the word "awesome"!

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