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**Disclaimer: this latest post is titled "naughtiness" for a reason... if delicate sensibilities are offended by R rated puns, perhaps it might be best to skip this particular post.

I know it's been a while. The semester is winding down, and of late, there has been little time for anything other than schoolwork. That said, my work for Viktor is nearing completion, and I should (fingers crossed) have my book finished by Thursday. In the meantime, however, I'm going to show you a silly little project from last week.

In our digital class, we've begun to talk about text and fonts and design, so for homework this week, Matthew asked us to create an image that was 50% text. The assignment was for a 4x6 illustrator-created image which four words were to occupy 50% of the space on the illustration.

Four words? With so many fabulous words and sentences and quotations and song lyrics, how to choose? I had a couple of ideas floating around, but it wasn't until Thursday that I decided on my four words.

On Thursday, my creative writing class was held at the Public Library, and a friend and I had a few moments before class to grab a cup of tea and hang out in Bryant Park. While we were hanging out, we started chatting about Matthew's homework assignment. If you haven't been to Bryant Park in December, it is positively overflowing with holiday cheer... so as jingle bells played in the background, I began to think about a holiday themed piece and started running through Christmas and Chanukah song lyrics in my head. The very first line I came up with made me laugh so hard, I nearly snarfed my tea.

It was only a tiny fraction of a line of a Christmas song, but because it was only a fraction, it was absolutely absurd... quite punny... entirely naughty... did I mention absurd?... oh, and so very very wrong.

When I could finally breathe again, I explained my idea to my friend. The uncontrollable laughing fit that ensued made it fairly clear that I had to use this idea.

If you remember last week's digital assignment, it was also on the naughty side. When I later mentioned to a member of my cohort that this week's homework was going to be even worse, someone remarked, "Wouldn't it be funny if during our critique, Matthew started opening up the homework files, and each one was naughtier than the next?" (I am of course paraphrasing.)

Um... easy answer... YES!

We all eventually decided to do naughty images... and class on Monday was HILARIOUS.

And finally, without further ado, the image that started it all:

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