Indesign: City in a Book

I meant to post this ages ago, but for one reason or another skipped over it in favor of other art or work.

This term, my digital class thus far has been wholly devoted to learning and working with html in order to eventually build our own websites. Useful skill, no? Definitely useful, and while there is an intrinsic logic, it is equally infuriating. Forget a slash mark ( / ) or a semi-colon and your entire page fails. My weekends are often spent banging my head against the keyboard.

Anywho, last semester, as you well know, we did a bunch of work with the Adobe programs, mostly Photoshop and Illustrator, but towards the end of the term, we devoted a single class to InDesign. I actually spent a weekend teaching myself InDesign in order to put Viktor's project together, but it was nice to have a class actually devoted to learning the program.

Our project was to take a sentence from this horribly pretentious book on design, "The Medium is the Massage" (1967) and create a four page book. I really like what I came up with, but it's just a kernel of an idea. I definitely want to come back to this idea and either rework it or use it elsewhere later.

And thus:

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Spaceman Spiff said...

wow! the city is absolutely amazing! Cannot wait to see more of this.
spaceman spiff

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