Love and all that nonsense

Happy late Valentine's Day dear readers!

Alas alack, this is not a book project related post. My book related posts seem to be piling up and sitting on the back burner - all for good reasons. I have been letting ideas percolate and sketching my little hand off working on my book dummy. And let me tell you, getting all those sketches scanned in is taking a while... much longer than anticipated, as it were. In any case, promises for a book related post this week. For now, though, I have another gouache class post.

Love seemed to be in the air in class last Tuesday. My prof gave us creative assignment this time around - still rendering - but with a dash of storytelling thrown into the mix. For homework, we had to create a four panel love story between two objects or two things. No people. The first panel was to be about "meeting", the second - "getting to know one another", the third - "happy!", and the fourth - "parting". So though it was a love story, it was a rather sad one.

I wracked my brains and did all sorts of sketches (and I do mean a mighty stack-worth of scrap sketches) about love between incongruous items - a pencil and a pencil sharpener, scissors and paper, a puddle and a paper boat, two matches, a bird and a cuckoo clock, among others - until I came up with this:


Getting to Know One Another

Happy in Love




Benjamin Kalish said...

So sad! but also awesome! I especially like the third panel, although, of course, it is the sequence that is the best.

Cynthia said...

Lovely. Sad.

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