Book Project Part III: Advice and Paint

Book Project Part III: Advice and Paint

In which I follow some excellent advice, and though the book's story remains unfinished, full color arrives...

Happy gorgeous and marvelous Saturday everyone! If you are not currently outside, I heartily suggest you postpone reading this silly post and get yourself out of doors. The weather is amazing and deserves appropriate celebration and sun-soaked revelry. As soon as I finish this, I intend to spend the rest of my day definitively out. But let's get to it, shall we?

In the week following the disastrous upside-down-world-flipping meeting, I had a critique class with Marshall and Carl. After I'd hung all of my new dummy spreads on the wall, Marshall told the rest of the class about my meeting with our creative writing teacher, and he said (and of course I am paraphrasing...), "This is something that will happen to all of you. Someone will say something about your work that will turn you on your head. It's inevitable; it happens to everyone. What remains to be seen is how long it keeps you turned around. Is it a week? A month? A year? Your entire career...?" It is an excellent point... how long do you let self-doubt and questioning keep you from doing what you love?

And Carl's comment perfectly complemented Marshall's words. He told us not to let being unsure keep us from making art. Even though I may still be a little up in the air about the direction of the story itself, there are certain pages that I'm already sure I want in the book. Carl's advice was to render them... go paint! Do what makes you happy!

And so I did...

And in doing so made two images that I'm pretty excited about.

Thus dear readers, I shall leave you. Go do what makes you happy and squeeze every bit of awesome out of your Saturday.


Natalie said...

Lady, you forget that not everyone who reads your post lives where you do :P. While it is 72, where you are, it's only 39, here. Lame. Also, I wish I could see larger images of your paintings. As they are, now, they're too small to see the detail, and I doubt that I'll see the end product.

Natalie said...

Oh! And I hope you are only excessively topsy-turvy for a short while. :)

Lisa Anchin said...

Apologies Mz. Natalie, both for the 39 degree weather - though from what I heard, you folks out that aways were having some lovely days - and the itty bitty images... I think I successfully uploaded some larger images for your blog-perusing enjoyment. =)

Benjamin Kalish said...

"He told us not to let being unsure keep us from making art."

I need to remember this, and not just for art!

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