Book Show!

Hey there everyone!

The school year is just around the corner, as is the book show!

It has been a busy couple of weeks. After wrapping up the comic class and launching the snazzy new website, I dove right back into the book project, and finally FINALLY last week I moved into a bright shiny brand spanking new space at the studio. It's marvelous. Pictures to come.

So these past bunch of weeks have been work, work, and some more hard work; I finished two new spreads, doctored two old spreads, scrapped and rewrote the manuscript yet again (for the third, fourth, eighth, twenty-fifth time), played with some text treatment, scrapped a finished spread, redrew a new one, and am currently finishing up what I hope (fingers crossed) is the last spread in the book. I only have about half of it painted, but here's a sneak peak. (Pardon the low quality... my crappy little camera seems to be on the fritz.)

With this last spread nearly done, the book finally feels like it's coming together. Next steps: cover design, scanning, formatting, text-placement, printing, and binding! It's certainly going to be a busy September.

That being said, the book show is going to be amazing, and I hope that those of you who live nearby will consider coming!


Spaceman Biff said...

I have offten walked up the street befor, but it never looked this FANTASTIC! What a wonderfull painting! LISA ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Williamsburg in my early years....
What a wonderfully slightly distorted view
of a row of houses (manhattan? Brooklyn?)
So New York...with a hint of Disney...
Thanks Lisa!

R. Brinn, Great Neck

PS: Do you have a list of off-beat Cafes?

Lisa Anchin said...

It's a bit of Brooklyn, a bit of the brownstones in Chelsea. A NY mishmash, I suppose.

And I happen to have a loooong list of cafes. Any borough/area in particular?

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