Could it be...

Could it possibly be...?

It would seem, dear readers, that my book may very well be coming together. It's been a harried few days. I've been at the studio every day this week doing final corrections to the art, reworking the text, hand-lettering, scanning, photoshopping, and laying everything out in InDesign. Whew. Just listing all of it is exhausting. Despite one slight mishap, everything is going rather well.

As for the "slight" mishap... I spent 6 hours scanning all of the artwork on Saturday only to make a horrifying discovery early Sunday morning. Since I had all of the raw files on my hard drive, I decided to work from home. Alas, when I opened the files, I discovered that each and every image had horrible lines and banding. ACK! I wrote a hasty, stress-induced email to the ever amazing P - computer-guru and studio-tech guy - who came into the studio and took all of the scanners apart and cleaned the scanner heads. Amazing, no? Anywho, after the heads were cleaned, I re-scanned everything and tada! No banding! Admittedly the loss of the 6 hours of work was traumatic, but it all worked out in the end. (Thank you P!)

The layout for the book is 90% done. All that remains is to format the title page, actually come up with a title, letter the title page, design the cover, and finally print and bind the book.

Because all of this layout business isn't really exciting, image-wise... I shall leave with you a new piece from the book.

The Carousel

And again, for the NYers, I hope you'll consider coming to the opening. If you can't come to the opening, let me know. The exhibit will be up for a bunch of weeks, so provided I have some free time, I'd be happy to arrange a private tour and show you around.

Until next time!


Natalie said...

I would just like to say that I so wish I were in NY to see your book show!

Spaceman Spiff said...

The color and the life of the artwork , and spectacular view from behind the main character looking up is waiting to excite an audience of little bedtime faces tucked into bed and asking :" read it again!" IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER!..... Spaceman Biff

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