Calling All Mix Masters

Some of you may have been following the whole art school saga and know that I'm currently finishing up my last semester. This is it! The final push! As such, I'm going to be sitting at my drawing board for the next couple of months finishing up my thesis. One of the best things about making art is that your mind is -for the most part - free... free to wander, free to listen to podcasts, free to daydream, or, more often, free to rock out.

Here's where you come in. I've been listening to the same few tired mixes for the past couple of weeks and realized that I'm bored. Totally, entirely and utterly bored of my predictable little mixy-poos. So, if you feel like procrastinating from you own work or have a moment to spare, I'm soliciting music and mixes to shake things up and help me pass the working hours.

If you're interested, in exchange for music, I will send a little note or cookie or sketch or something (as of yet to be determined) after thesis-crazy is over.



Tina said...

There's always Elvis...

Eli said...

Want me to share my slightly all-over-the-place Pandora station?

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