Issue One - Hey Girl Here: Sweet Gear For Salty Tarts

Halloo dear readers!

Today marked the release of the first issue of "Hey Girl Here", a little homemade zine by my sassy and saucy lady classmates at SVA. It's fab, and we're hoping to do a whole bunch more issues.

It was an amazingly quick turn-around... less than a week from original idea to stapled zine.

Assembly line production:

Snazzy pink cover (hand-lettering, courtesy of the talented Mz. Supinski):

My piece:


Benjamin Kalish said...

I love it!

How do I get a copy?

Tina said...

I definitely wore it to class! And I'm almost certain that it took me to a concert - Janis Joplin - as well as a few good dance-fests!

Natalie said...

I also would love a copy. Is it possible?

Allison said...

Yeah, how do we acquire copies of this? I see many in the picture!

Lisa Anchin said...

Thanks everyone!

If you want a copy, drop me an email. I'll reply with details.

c said...

i want one please!!!! (<3 callie)

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