New work for April

Hey blog-readers,

Happy Spring! NY is finally starting to warm up... it's still a touch chilly, but there's an undercurrent of Spring in the air. Apologies for the slow updates. Between design work, freelance gigs, wedding planning (gasp!), and maintaining some semblance of life outside the studio, the days are just packed.

Rather than bore you with  my crazy days, how about some new work, eh?

I've been having so much fun with the character I developed for the $5 Promo, she's shown up all over the place, including in a new painting. I imagined Rosie careening all around her house; she's not much of a sit-still kind of kid. In any case, I had such a good time making this impromptu piece that I decided to use it for my Spring promotional card.

Until next time!

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Amanda said...

I've been living in hole recently, and am just catching up on several blog posts! I love her--she's delightful. Can't wait to see where else Rosie pops up!

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