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Halloo all.

Show day is fast approaching, and I'm in the process of wrapping up the books - working on a couple paintings, last minute edits, typography, text design, endpaper design - before I print and bind them. This part of the process is exciting, but I find much of this bit (from the finished painted product to output) exhausting.

However, in the process of working out the endpapers for one of the books, I actually ended up getting to do a little bit more painting. For the book I described in a previous post, I designed a set of endpapers made up of postage stamps (as the book prominently features two characters who send letters and postcards to one another.) At first, I thought that I would just do the stamps as line drawings, but after a bit of down time and some scrap watercolor paper, I ended up with thirteen painted stamps.
Eventually, I'm going to print them up as stickers to send out with my promotional materials.


Natalie said...

So awesome! Seriously wish I were going to be in NYC to see your show!

Tina said...

Cool stamps! Where can I buy them?!

Benjamin Kalish said...

I love the stamps!

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