Cards: Clubs

Halloo all!

So finally, FINALLY, I had some time a few weeks ago to finish the last suit for N's deck of cards. Clubs!

As with the previous suits, I already had a series of easy templates, so I quickly subbed the clubs for spades or diamonds or hearts.

Again, I moved onto the Ace next, using the Spade and Diamond and Heart motifs...

For the royal cards, I decided to do another set of birds. I had two sets of mammals - rabbits and foxes - so I decided that there ought to be two sets of birds, one song bird - Sparrow/Spades - and one set of birds of prey... owls

So after my owly sketches, I tackled the Jack, who I wanted in profile like Sparrow Jack, though a bit less mischievous and more dangerous.

I imagined the Queen to be rather bored with it all, though still a dangerous royal lady, and I modeled her with a decorative headpiece, like the Rabbit Queen.

And finally the King, who like his Lady Owl would also be rather royal, somewhat bored, but still a dangerous old bird.

Like the suits before, I made it a little package, but, alas, I forgot to photograph the actual printed cards. So, until next time!

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