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Halloo everyone,

I've been playing a bit lately, using a few new characters to experiment with technique and composition. This one just recently came off the drawing board. It's an illustration for a story I've been messing around with. You might recognize the oversized alligator from here. Since that post, the story has undergone some major revisions, so Randall - our large green friend - is mostly unchanged, but Euphoria has had a bit of a makeover. Alas, she is no longer pith-helmeted. She does, however, sport a spiffy spike-y sweatshirt. I'll get my sketchbook pages scanned in and show you some of the character prep work soon. Until next time!

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Spaceman Spiff said...

Beautiful and skillful,great characters,color, and the milk cartoon city is wonderful,can not wait to see the story,SO; see ya later alligator :)

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