Book Project Part V: Long Awaited Art

Book Project Part V:
Long Awaited Art

Halloo everyone. The semester is winding down, and I had a moment this week to set up shop at one of the scanners at the studio. It's amazing how much time scanning takes. As I mentioned, my images are all too big for our scanners - they're 30" across - so require at least two scans per image. Oy. Amazing how much time it takes. Likewise, amazing how it's possible to do a ton of work only to realize that you're going to have to do it all over again. Yep. The images you have here are fine for the web, but when it comes to the print quality for an actual hard copy... weeeell, leaves a bit to be desired. My fault, really. I didn't think to clean the glass on the scanners. All of the images thus feature delightful smudges, dynamic streaks, and an exciting smattering of dust and hair and dirt. Huzzah!


In any case, the images are fine for sharing with all of you lovely people and fine for submitting as a rough draft for the end of the term. Over the summer, I'll rescan, format, print, and finally bind everything. Luckily and quite happily I do have the summer. The book show doesn't go up until September. (I'll post details as we get nearer to the show.)

In any case, I've spent tons and tons of time painting and have a bunch of new spreads to share.

Taking off into the city - towards the beginning of the book

Flying through the city - directly follows previous image

Field of GIANT cabbages - middle-ish spread

Back at home - at this point (I say "this point" because this could easily change in the next week... oy), but as I was saying, at the moment, this is the last image in the book

So there you have not some of my recent work. I have three more spreads that need some tweaking and a fourth that I finished today that I'll share as soon as I can get another long stint at the scanner... and this time, I'll remember to clean the glass.


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They're gorgeous!!

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oh my god, the one with the buildings is so beautiful! lisa, i'm so amazed at you.

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