Sneak preview

Hello my poor dear ignored readers. It has been a rather busy spring, and while I have quite a bit of new work, I haven't yet scanned and merged the images yet. By merge, I mean that my paintings are actually too big for the scanner, so part of my process involves scanning them in sections and then compositing them in the computer. It's not terribly difficult but is admittedly time consuming. This week I'm going to set up shop at one of the scanners in the studio and spend a day getting all of my images into the computer... at which point, I will of course share aaaall of the new work with you.

Until then, however, I have a small consolation prize. In addition to my enormous monster book project, I've been redesigning my website, doing more html whatnot, and starting to learn flash animation. Wooo! In doing all of that, I've been designing a site with embedded bits flash animations.

So for all of you lovely people, an itty bitty sneak peak of a flash animated painting.

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