Book Project Part VI: And There's More!

Book Project Part VI:
And There's More!

As I mentioned in my last post, there's more artwork to be seen! Woah! Much to the chagrin of the second year students, I took some time scanning a couple of new pieces for your enjoyment. I also wanted to see how the color would print before I did any tweaking or goofing with the saturation/color balance settings, so I actually printed out almost the entire book. I must say, there's nothing like holding "finished" (relatively speaking, of course) work in your hands. It felt really nice to actually flip the pages, and seeing the flow of images at 100% in color was an entirely different experience than looking at my little sketch dummy.

So all of that is to say that the book project is wrapping up well. Scanning and printing ate up the morning and much of the afternoon, and I spent the remainder of the day sketching the two spreads missing from the dummy and starting thumbnails for the title page, cover, and endpapers. Quite exciting!

But I shall prattle on no longer. Without further ado...

These spreads are nearly sequential. The first two images follow one another, but there's a missing spread between them and the third and fourth paintings.

That's all for now. I'm in the process of working on title page and cover designs. Process work, more sketches, and perhaps a few new paintings to come. Until then, have a lovely week!

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Tina said...

Over the field goes
A flying bunny.
May your work get noticed
And bring in the money!

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