Guess what! Guess what!

Blog readers!

Guess what, guess what!

I have exciting news... my first ever real life interview as an illustrator is live today!

Kathy Temean, the former Regional Advisor of New Jersey's SCBWI chapter writes an amazing blog on children's writing and illustration. Each Saturday she does a spotlight feature on an illustrator, and yours truly is October 27th.

That's today!

Check it out!

It's here!

The post includes all kinds of art work including a bunch of process work for this recent warm-up painting. Meet Hurricane Zelda. I'm sure you'll be seeing more of her.

Many thanks to Kathy for the amazing opportunity. For anyone out there also interested in this field, her blog has a wealth of information. If not just for the interview, definitely head on over.


Kathy Ellen Davis said...

Lisa, WOW!
That interview was so good, and all of your art too!
You work so hard and your work is so great...I am so happy that we met up at SCBWI that first year....I love Hurricane Zelda too! Keep up the good work, lady! I CANNOT wait for the day that a book written or illustrated (or, optimally BOTH!) by you is in print, or for the day you illustrate on of my books either. I have a feeling it will be soon :)

Laura Anne said...

I checked it out! You are amazingly talented and have inspired me. I love the children and venues and animals and I can't believe you haven't yet been published. But-I know you will or the rest of us are doomed. Your energy and joie da vive...jour de of life just shines from the pages. Thank you so much for sharing your techniques. Blessings to you!! And following you I am.

Spaceman Spiff said...

This is a wonderful article about YOU, it is so nice to see you getting noticed; and the article Kathy Temean has put together will allow others to see the extensive range of the creative ceaseless round- the clock outpouring of artwork you are producing daily.SO proud of you!

Lisa Anchin said...

Thanks everyone for your comments!

And Kathy Ellen, ditto! I CANNOT wait to see you in print, especially if both of our names are on the cover!!

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