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Every now and then I get busy. I know, I know... everyone gets busy. But when I get busy, I seem to get extraordinarily-crazy-burning-both-candles-free-time?-what-free-time? sort of busy. It's like that old expression, "if you need something done, ask Lisa to do it".

It's true.

And I'm terrible at saying no to people.

In this case, much of the busy is (or has been) for jobs or volunteering or planning very exciting weekends with dear friends. Which is to say, none of it's bad... just plain, old no-time-to-update-the-blog style busy.

So here are some of the greatest hits...

The last weekend in September, I helped organize a Mountain Day weekend and reun-ed with nine of my dear college friends. (We made t-shirts, so I feel like this is a relevant to mention.)

The fourth article (and illustration) in the InsideOut series for the Forward came out last week, and I'm currently working on illustration number five. They're all good, but number four is a particularly excellent read.

I have eight - yes, I said eight - illustrations due for another job next week, and yet I believe I'm volunteering for the election this weekend. (I shouldn't even have to remind you to register to vote, but if you haven't, go do so.) I've also started volunteering for another stellar organization that I mention on here now and again.

I'm working on a project that requires lots of lovely doodley character sketches.

I visited my sister and helped her winter-proof her windows and hang curtains. (Again, project involved, so completely relevant...)

While we were busy hanging curtains, we ran into a couple of friends.

And took just a couple of photos...

And meanwhile, I've been ever-so-slowly working on a new piece just for me... it features this little fellow.
He's pretty cute, not to mention a bit of a tease... there's actually an entire ten-character extravaganza that you're missing out on.

But, alas, I seem to be a wee bit busy. I'm going to need more time before you get to see the rest of that one.

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Cynthia said...

How did I miss the other two illustrations for the Forward?

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